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Who can upper cervical specific spinal care help?

Improved nerve communications between your brain and your body can help everyone.  So, if you have postural imbalances and spinal misalignments (known as subluxations), you could be a good candidate for upper cervical care.  Our gentle adjusting approach can also help children, the elderly and those with special needs.

How do I get a subluxation?

There are three basic causes of subluxations:  Physical causes include trauma; slips, falls, accidents, repetitive motions, and improper lifting.  Emotional causes include stress, anger, and fear.  Chemical causes include alcohol, drugs, pollution, and poor diet.

How do I know if I have a subluxation?

They usually appear as postural distortion or pain.  Although you may have subluxations and not be aware they are present.  They are like tooth decay or heart disease, subluxations can be present before warning signs and symptoms appear.  A thorough examination can identify the location and severity of subluxations.

Can children get subluxations?

Your first subluxation may have occurred at birth.  The childbirth process can put tremendous pressure on an infant's spine.  Abraham Towbin, M.D. studied babies who died of "crib death" or sudden infant death syndrome.  On autopsy, he found that seven out of eight babies had severe misalignment or fracture of the atlas vertebra due to birth trauma.  Based on his findings, he went on to state that he felt 95% of spinal problems are created at birth.  Poor appetite, unexplained crying, colic, frequent ear infections, and sleeplessness can be signs of spinal subluxations.

  How long before I see results? 

You will see changes in your spine after your first adjustment.  These changes will be measured and shown to you on post adjustment x-ray.  The time it takes to feel better depends on the healing ability of each patient.  Results can vary from patient to patient.  Everyone responds differently.  Some patients will detect changes in a few short days.  Others, especially those with chronic conditions, may take weeks before feeling progress.

What if my insurance company does not cover care?

We will provide you with everything that you need to file with your insurance.  While an insurance company may be helpful, be carful to not allow a profit-motivated company to make decisions about what you do with your health.  Our fees are very reasonable.  We also offer free, no-obligation, initial consultations.  We do our best to make care affordable for everyone.  Each of us has the freedom to place different values on our health.  Ultimately, good health is about personal responsibility.  When your vehicle has broken down or needed repairs and insurance would not cover it, did you pay to get it fixed?  Good health is invaluable.  You are worth it!