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Some words from Dr. Paul's Patients

Barbara Doyle, R.N., LMT,  Occupation: Massage Therapist

Intial Symptoms: Herniated Cervical Discs, Neck Pain

I want to tell you how thankful I am to you for introducing me to your NUCCA chiropractic technique. As you know, this gentle, effective spinal adjustment helped me recover fully from my bulging cervical discs (C4&C6). Since then, the NUCCA technique has been a regular part of my health maintenance program. It's AMAZING! I go in with a pain in my hip (only one example) and walk out feeling wonderful! I know we agree that your NUCCA technique and my massage techniques are complimentary modalities, as evidenced by our mutual clients. I enthusiastically encourage my fellow massage therapists to experience your expertise both personally and for the insured continuous health and well being of their clients. Thanks Dr. Paul!

 Charles S. Cooper  III,  Occupation: Consultant, General U.S.A.F. (retired)

Initial Symptoms: Lower Back Pain

I came to Dr. Doug Paul in January 1997. I was again experiencing lower back pain and, for the first time, pain in my left knee. After a thorough examination, Dr. Paul began a program of gentle adjustment of my spine through my neck. We've checked my spinal alignment regularly and adjusted as required. He also "worked on" my knee with heat treatments and other natural remedies. He has supported my exercise program participation. The major testimonial comes upon my return from a 7,400-mile automobile trip - a trip totally without pain or discomfort!! Thanks Dr. Paul!

Barbara Taylor Sanders, B.A.,  Occupation: President of the Columbus Christian Writers Association,   Teen Challenge Board Member

Initial Symptoms: Vertigo, Headaches

In August 2006 I was referred to Dr. Douglas Paul, a NUCCA Chiropractor, after asking the TMJ specialist if he also worked with "chiropractors?"  In the past, his wife and son-in-law had been a patient of Dr. Paul.  He said, "Dr. Paul can straighten out neck problems like yours."  According to my head pain and ear pressure, the TMJ specialist had pinpointed pinched nerves behind both ears.  I asked his nurse to make the appointment for me, and I saw Dr. Paul the same afternoon!

For twenty-five years, I have suffered with mild episodes of vertigo, an inner ear imbalance.  My family physician prescribed medicine, which usually made the dizziness go away within a few days.  However, for the last two years, sometimes a more severe vertigo onset prevented me from driving.  Last year, I ended up in a wheel chair because I could not walk without falling.

For eight months, the severe pain on both sides of my head, with constant pressure in both eardrums, caused me to think I might have a brain tumor.  In May 2006, an Ear, Nose & Throat specialist ran a battery of tests on my ears and sinus tract.  After finding nothing wrong, this ENT doctor told me to just "pop my ears" whenever the pressure built up like you do on an airplane.  The constant dull pain felt like a nail was pounded inside my skull.  His office reffered me to the TMJ specialist.

After only four adjustments with Dr. Paul, the ear pressure ceased, the skull pain disappeared and the vertigo stopped!  I continued on a weekly basis for several months.  Then I went out of town for a few weeks.  The vertigo quickly returned and I am convinced that the ear pressure has been caused by the misalignment in my neck.  Dr. Paul is a great guy, and I am a firm believer in NUCCA Chiropractic treatment.

Chrissy Smith, Occupation:  Student Athlete

Initial Symptoms: Shoulder Pain

My life has changed drastically since my first adjustment. I can now exercise without pain! I am doing better in rowing and my times have improved. I have also developed better posture, which is not only helpful in daily life but also in two of my favorite activities: marching band and crew. Since receiving my first adjustment, my health has improved. I have noticed a decrease in sickness and allergies. NUCCA care is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I wake up everyday feeling great! Thanks Dr. Paul!

Jake Sommers, written by Jake's grandmother: Nancy Neun

Initial Symptoms: Infantile Colic

In January of 1998, my daughter gave birth to a 9-pound baby boy (Jake) after 30 hours of hard labor. She has a narrow pelvis and Jake's shoulder was caught behind her pubic bone, so the doctor used forceps and suction to get him out. For two weeks he was mellow. Then he became congested and colicky, screaming for hours at night and inconsolable during the day. The family doctor was no help. "Some babies are like that", was her prognosis. We took Jake to my NUCCA Chiropractor and he adjusted him. That night he cried for one half hour. The next day he spit up thick yellow mucous. He never screamed again and his congestion ended. He has been adjusted twice more by Dr. Paul. He has been holding his adjustment for months. He has not been sick a single day and he has not had to visit his pediatrician except for normal checkups. He is the happiest baby I have ever known. He cries only when hungry or tired. I have never witnessed such a dramatic turnaround. It is the closest thing to a miracle that I have ever seen.

Karen Parli, Occupation:  Logistics Management Specialist

Initial Symptoms:  Various Back Pain

I want to thank Dr. Doug Paul for giving me back my quality of life! A year ago, I was afraid I would never be able to walk or play with my two grandsons without having a lot of pain. It is hard for me to even imagine having felt like that, because today I feel like a healthy, happy 52-year-old grandmother with a lot of active times ahead of me! This transformation was not immediate but the signs of improvement were soon very noticeable to my family and me. I am so thankful that my family talked me into giving NUCCA care and Dr. Paul a chance - it's the best thing I ever did!

Sue Bresnahan,  Occupation:  Office Technical

Initial Symptoms: Whiplash Injuries

My experience with the NUCCA system goes back to 1987 when I was seeing another type of chiropractor for a whiplash injury. The other type of treatment was making me worse instead of better. My daughter suggested I see a NUCCA doctor who was able to help me. In 1990, I experienced a more severe whiplash injury and was able to work again after only 9 weeks off work. In 1995, I fell and broke my left arm. The NUCCA care helped me return to work sooner with this injury also. I later transferred my care to Dr. Paul and continue regular maintenance care. I am 63 years old and still work full time, sometimes 50-60 hours per week. Without regular NUCCA care and considering these previous injuries, I might not be able to work at all. My whole family has used chiropractic care, including a daughter hurt on the job, a grandson who suffered birth trauma to his neck and a daughter who fell from a horse at age 16. NUCCA works, you can feel the difference!! Thanks!

Trudy Seibert, Occupation: Home Maker

Initial Symptoms: Headaches and Neck Pain

My neck pain is gone and my bad headaches are gone. I am feeling like my old self again. Now I am more active and I have more energy. I do believe that when there is pain, there is a sort of depression. I have a lot of faith in the NUCCA technique.


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Re: Dental-Spinal Relationship

To Whom It May Concern: Over the many years of practicing dentistry, I have taken various approaches to treating the many disciplines of my profession. Some have worked well, others minimally or not at all. I feel that as of this date I have found the best combination of modalities for my type of practice. I am sharing this with you at this time and strongly recommend all dentists take a closer look at the dental-spinal relationship of their patients.

The relationship between teeth, jaws, muscles of mastication and spinal alignment may not be apparent to many. As a practicing dentist who seeks optimum health for my patients this relationship is of great concern and importance. Whether I deal with proper tooth to tooth relationships, upper and lower jaw alignment, muscle function as related to chewing and support, health of soft tissues of the oral cavity and or dietary and nutritional considerations I find it necessary to also know the status of cervical spine alignment.

Unless the patients are screened first for proper cervical alignment followed by necessary Atlas (NUCCA) treatment very little can be can be achieved toward the goal of optimum dental health.

Untreated cervical problems manifest as various nervous system interference which can be expressed as tooth-aches, facial pain, the often mysterious pain of TMJ dysfunction, neck and headaches, nutritional imbalances plus numerous other symptoms of various types.

Since we have utilized the services of upper cervical (NUCCA) doctors, our success rates for the different disciplines of dental treatment have dramatically increased. The end result has been a happier patient-doctor relationship and "healthier" patient population. Ultimately a win/win environment for patients, doctor and staff prevails

I strongly urge all those concerned with optimum patient well being to pursue the cross discipline relationship of total oral health and spinal health. I am certain Dr. Douglas Paul's approach to spinal health can enhance and support the dental health of all patients.

If you like, I can certainly share my findings with you and others that are interested in better health.

George J. Grobins, D.D.S.


Dr. Douglas J. Paul, Occupation: NUCCA Upper Cervical Chiropractor

Initial Symptoms: Sinus Headaches

"My Own Chiropractic Story"

I had my first chiropractic experience when I was nineteen years old. I was in college studying pre-med. with the intention of becoming an orthopedic surgeon and specializing in sports medicine. While volunteering at a sports medicine center, I had the opportunity to see many patients with various aches and pains. These patients would seem frustrated at the fact that the pain medication they were taking either was not getting rid of their pain, or it was causing them other problems (upset stomach, etc.). Their dilemma caused me to theorize that something had to be causing their pains and if what was causing their pain was corrected, their pain would go away. It just did not make sense to me to keep trying to cover up the pains in an effort to try to ignore the problem. The problem still existed.

I shared these thoughts with my dentist. He told me I should talk with a NUCCA chiropractor. I scheduled an appointment. I had no idea of what to expect. I really did not know anything about chiropractic, chiropractors, or NUCCA. When I met the doctor, I was impressed with his professionalism and amazed at the exactness and precision of the NUCCA technique. I informed the doctor that I had always had sinus headaches and was told by many doctors that I was just going to have to live with them. He then examined me, told me that my problem was a mis-aligned atlas vertebra, which was most probably causing irritation to nerve fibers. I started getting adjustments. My headaches went away. It changed my life!

At that point, I knew I had the correction for the cause of the problem. I decided to dedicate my life to helping others through NUCCA chiropractic care.